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What is it like at RCE?

Inspiring Adventure in 1st through 3rd Grades

Lower elementary students at RCS are ready for Serious Adventure! Students learn how to push through the fear of failure and distractions to experience the adventure of learning and growing. Students develop a growth mindset as they practice the fundamentals of reading, 写作, 算术, 和圣经. 小学 teachers encourage students in a safe, 安全, loving environment and create opportunities for children to use their imagination, 创造力, 和逻辑. Accelerated Reading Programs at RCS show that our students are often reading two grade levels above average. 此外, daily enrichment activities nurture the whole child such as PE, 艺术, and Classroom Music.

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Inspiring Motivation in 4th and 5th Grades

Upper elementary are pivotal years in which RCS students begin taking on more responsibility and ownership for their academics. Students are learning how to manage their own time and work collaboratively with partners and in small groups. Highlights of Upper 小学 at RCS include the California Historical Studies Tour to Sacramento, student-selected elective classes, 和殖民日. By the end of 5th grade, students have developed serious motivation in both academics and life and are equipped to strive for excellence at Redwood Christian 中学.

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小学 Highlights

Student Life at RCE

Meet Our 小学 教师


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